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Issues in monitoring and measuring the quality of alternative education

Regardless of what approach to quality is taken, there are still difficulties in the evaluating quality in alternative education which require additional consideration. These include: (1)  Who decides what counts as a valuable outcome? Most of the literature on the outcomes of alternative education offers strongly futures-oriented goals of the kind that policy-makers, education systems […]

what happens to young people who have been in alternative education?

Many researchers have lamented the lack of available data on the outcomes of alternative education. There is a great deal of case study research across alternative education programmes – this largely focuses on best practices. There is also research which evaluates individual programmes, and a little of this is longitudinal (e.g. Carswell, Hanlon, O’Grady, Watts, […]

school expectations of alternative education

What alternative education can achieve is clearly related to: the nature of the programme, the time that young people are engaged in it, and the level of support that they receive. Full time, long-term alternative schools – such as free schools and some alternative academies – clearly intend that the young people who are enrolled […]