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consulting about quality

We have now completed sixteen case studies of alternative education provision across England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. We are also about to consult with some key stakeholders in the field – academics and alternative education providers. The literature review published here as blog posts, is the basis of the questions for this initial consultation. […]

Issues in monitoring and measuring the quality of alternative education

Regardless of what approach to quality is taken, there are still difficulties in the evaluating quality in alternative education which require additional consideration. These include: (1)  Who decides what counts as a valuable outcome? Most of the literature on the outcomes of alternative education offers strongly futures-oriented goals of the kind that policy-makers, education systems […]

quality outcomes in alternative education

In education, there are generally three approaches to quality – (1) a standards approach: this works with a set of benchmarks developed by the purchaser/commissioner, to be applied universally (2) a fit for purpose framework: this uses criteria for quality, defined by the provider and user groups in relation to the purpose of the programme […]